European youth becoming citizens by visual participation

ImagiDem explores and conceptualises visual participation of young European citizens. By understanding how today's youth build political arguments, solve conflicts, build commonality, and what tools they use to politicize issues of their concern, the project aims at formulating a model of democratic practices of the 2020s.

ImagiDem studies visual participation both online and offline. It analyses images and memes posted on social media, and follows young people's visual ways of participation as part of their everyday actions. The project combines visual ethnography with computational big data minining and analysis, and deploys this combination to a comparative research setting in four European countries: Finland, France, Germany, and Portugal.

Persons involved:

Eeva Luhtakallio

PI, associate professor (sociology)

Tampere University

eeva.luhtakallio [at]


Taina Meriluoto

Postdoctoral Researcher / Project Coordinator

Tampere University

taina.meriluoto [at]


Jyrki Rasku

Postdoctoral researcher

Tampere University

jyrki.rasku [at]

Funding: EU

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